Finished my first Novella

I never thought I’d be able to say those words in the title. Though, to be honest, I’m not finished, but I do have a complete 88 page second draft. I’ve got it in a few peoples hands, so we’ll see if they like it or not. But as a person who has no expectations what-so-ever at all about this novella, my prospects can only reach higher (that might be a lie). Disappointment or not, I’ve learned and relearned countless lessons during the entire writing process, not to mention that I enjoyed doing it. My collection of non-fiction grammar and writing books went up about 10,000%.

The working title is “Dance of the Witch”, takes place in a small, forest surrounded town, during the 90’s. Three middle schoolers: Gary, Nate, and Fred, test their friendship on what should have been  normal Homecoming night dance. After stumbling upon a puzzling hut deep in the forest, they unknowingly anger a strange, supernatural foe.

I’ve decided to post a small excerpt below.


Gary lost count after ricocheting off his 3rd tree, and it was too dark for him to see where this ride ended. Then suddenly there was Nate, attempting to play catcher, wincing as Gary bowled him over like a semi.

“Whoa dude, you were really flyin down there” Nate said in pain, collapsing down on the uneven, rock jutting ground.

Gary was too busy coughing up blood to respond to him. He looked around, worrying now about Fred and Jess.

“Over here Gar,” came a timid voice from behind him. Gary looked back to see Fred laying back against a tree; Jess seemed to be making a bandage from his shirt sleeve. Fred was giving a thumbs up, even though his head was spouting blood, rushing down his face, and looked like a squashed mushroom. “Jess somehow grabbed a tree and made it down safe, I meanwhile, took her trees and mine in the face.”

Gary got up to go check on Nate, now feeling some previously undiscovered pain in his chest. He could stand, but something definitely felt broken. “What’s the damage Nate?”

“I’m going to walk like a pirate captain for a while, but I should survive,” Nate replied

“He took one to the nuts,” Fred interjected.

They all snickered a bit, which was welcome, considering the state of affairs.

“I’m hoping that alcohol kicks in soon,” Nate said. “What the hell was that any ways? I’m not seeing things am I? Fred you read a lot of shit, enlighten us here.”

“Dude, all I read is Goosebumps.”

“Perfect, this is like your specialty.”

“I don’t know dude, a witch?”

“This is ridiculous,” Jess added, “I’m not going to accept that I just jumped off a cliff running form a ‘witch’.”

Right about then, Gary remembered something, the “witch” was after Nate, and only Nate. what the hell had he gotten them into? Overcome with an adrenaline rush of anger, Gary marched over to Nate, grabbed his collar and pushed him against a tree. “Nate, what—the—fuck did you do, I know you did something.”

“Get the hell off of me, you don’t understand,” Nate shoved Gary back, “I did this to help you!”

“What did you do for —“

            Suddenly there was a soft but loud “thump,” like a large flat rock hitting the ground. Gary whirled around to survey the direction he heard the noise from. Then he spotted it, the long streaking bang whirling through the air as she stood up.


I hope you enjoyed it, though there is a lot more work to be done until I work out all the wrinkles. While I was between this I started working on two other short stories as well, I definitely need more practice to refine the craft.  Hopefully I’ll have more to update soon, as well as more on my other short storied I’m working on.


Flash Friday – If You Make It

This week had a topic I actually thought would be an easier one to write about. Death has so many possibilities, and the photo had a fairly ominous tone to it at that.  However, all the elements were very strange, the outfit, umbrella, and gas mask were things that wouldn’t be very easy to tie together. I decided to simplify things a bit, and try and focus where I thought not as many people would. The outfit was fairly interesting, and the gas mask left open a large amount of possibilities, but the umbrella I thought might be an interesting focus.  I attempted to leave a lot of mystery to the title, what happened, where she was, who she was, and focus more on the immenant uncertainty of the situation at hand.

Flash! FridayVol 242

Picture by Shuji Moriwaki


“If You Make It”

It felt like rocks bombarding my umbrella, when I glanced around, the rain was barely a sprinkle. The air was spine-chilling, my body felt numb.

An obscure looking boy stared at me, his thin, hollow eyes dashing any thoughts of good will.

“What’s happening!” I pleaded, angst-ridden. The last thing I remember is an oxygen mask flapping down from the ceiling. Where did the other passengers go?

He just stared pitifully.

“What am I doing here?” I questioned, shouting over the pelting on top of the umbrella.

“Whatever you do — don’t let go. That’s all the advice I’ll give you,” he said in a callous tone.

“But why?” I said, looking up. The thuds were becoming harsher, my arms started shaking.

“Just — hold on.”

I stood, huddling in closer to my umbrella, clenching it tightly. “Where is everyone? Where do I go?” The thuds became louder.

“If you make it, you’ll know where to go. If you make it.”

Flash Friday #3 — War

Once again, I was very troubled at first to find inspiration with the newest flash fiction prompt. With the subject to include war, I decided that I would use my limited military experience, and throw in some lingo. Being someone who used to compete in running in the past, I can tell you — most people don’t know how to pace themselves (including me). Everyone just sprints out the gate, making an attempt to pass as many people as they can in the first 30 seconds, thinking maybe those people will give up after that. If you happen to be the guy at that pace, who is running at 70%, while everyone else is at 90%, you control the run. However, if the run happens to involve bombs, you can throw most logic out the window.


The Winner’s mistake.
155 words

The Bullet Run: they organized it like children toying with insects.

Me and Stykes were just lowly Staff Sergents, and I could tell this jackass Butter Bar wanted us to take the fall. He kept mentioning our “duty”. Too bad for him, my duty back home usually involved extensive running.

We lined up, an explosion of an RPG signaled our start. Assholes. We sprinted the tiny unused runway, Stykes and Butter Bar not knowing how to pace themselves.

I decided to stop tooling around and dashed ahead, I wasn’t about to take a bullet to the head for them, even if Stykes had a newborn back home, call me selfish.

They had strung finish line tape up ahead, a nice touch. The others about 20 yards behind, I noticed something on the tape. A device. That’s when I realized: they didn’t want to get rid of the slowest ones, they wanted rid of the fastest

Flash Friday 2nd Try

This last weeks flash Friday I wasn’t very sure about. The bidding being the include a baby, along with a picturing that only had one strange, but interesting subject in the distance. However, after staring at a blank white screen for long enough, something has to blurt its way out. The outcome was something I actually really enjoyed making. I almost went completely from my initial draft, changing only a few words here and there.


The Mortal Penance.

Marin’s bare feet rushed up the rolling, dew covered hill. She felt cold diminutive hands clutching onto her arm. There was no recollection of why she was marching this direction, or why she would be so far from the farm with her sister.

Reaching the peak of the hill, Marin spotted a solitary stone shelter. She knew somehow, this is where her mind beckoned her. Tiny Stella was cradled, bouncing in her arms, grasping up at Marin’s face. The luminous green eyes gazed up unknowingly.

Marin reached the door. Every bone in her body pained to enter this timeworn hut. Unaware, she nudged open the tattered wooden door, holding Stella closer.

A hunched figure was in the corner, lit by a single candle’s flame. An angular, bedraggled hand rose up from the creature. “So, you’ve come with your penance.” A voice of countless years croaked out. “I told you, all thefts are paid back to me tenfold.”

First attempt at Flash! Friday

Here’s my first attempt at Flash Friday. It seems like a great way to work on my writing, and hone any ability I may have.



The Uninvited Survivor.

I had the symptoms, Jesus, I could feel it inside of me.

I could barely feel the frigid waters, or the sunlight above my head. My memory was dimming, trouble recalling my crew’s names. I grasped the raft as two other survivors swam towards me, something deep tensed my body with anxiety.

The rescue ship moved closer, a clock ticking.

Others on the crew hadn’t been in the medical ward before we tried to contain the being. They were ignorant of its ability — of its intelligence. Before we escaped two hundred miles up, the creature somehow latched itself to me, securing its seat.

Looking at my jagged semblance in the ocean, I wondered, if I drowned myself, would that kill it? Would my body allow me? Let alone the parasite inside me? I had to try.

I focused hard to remember my family once more, before figuring out how to convince my crew to hold me under water.

158 Words